Our team


Richard Gugerli

Owner Eurep AG

Director Discover the World Switzerland

Corinne Wirth

Sales Manager Switzerland South African Airways


Carolina Huber

Reservations Agent


Jonathan End

Reservations Agent

(apprentice 3rd year)

Joël Grieder

Reservations Agent

(apprentice 1st year)

Company Vision

Eurep AG represents international tourism accounts in Switzerland Europe. Our Company is highly professional and employs motivated, efficient and helpful staff.

Our main Goal is to develop the highest possible potential, using all available distribution channels.

Eurep AG is renowned for its high quality, and it bears a good Image on the Swiss market.

Facts about Eurep AG

Address: Bremgartenstrasse 11, 5634 Merenschwand

Company: shareholder company

Foundation: 1st January 1997

Asset: CHF 100'000.- fully paid

Shares: 100% Richard Gugerli

Expected Revenue: 25 Mio.



Richard Gugerli; Owner / Director


Employees: 3 employees and 2 trainees



Richard Gugerli represents Icelandair in BAR (Board of Airline Representatives) Switzerland.

Richard Gugerli is member of Skal International Zurich.

Eurep AG is a passive member of Swiss Travel Association.




Bahnhofplatz 10

8910 Affoltern am Albis

IBAN: CH94 0027 6276 8031 7901 X