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Facts Switzerland

Inhabitants: 8,1 Mio. people


Captial: Berne

 26 cantons


Official Languages:

68% German

23% French

8% Italian

1% Romanic


Area: 41'293 sq.km



Lowest point: 193m (Lake Maggiore)

Highest point: 4'634m (Mt. Dufour)

Largest Cities:

Zurich: 380'000 inhabitants

Geneva: 190'000 inhabitants

Basle: 170'000 inhabitants



48% Roman Catholics

44% Reformed

08% Others




Zurich - Geneva 290 Km

Zurich - Berne 115 Km

Borderline: 1'880 Km


Economic Sectors:

Banking, Merchandising, Food Industry, Tourism, Chemical Industry, Machinery 

Unemployment Rate: App. 3%

Amount of Travel Agencies in Switzerland

Total: 2'000 agencies (there of 600 IATA agents)

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